The Texas Bold Beauty Project

An Extension of the National Bold Beauty Project

The Bold Beauty Project

Through the creative eyes of award-winning photographers, this project celebrates women who define beauty to include their abilities to boldly defy life’s challenges…
challenges which may shape their daily lifestyles, but which can’t override the strength and courage of each project model. That is the real definition of beauty!

Our Stories: Barbara Ramirez

Barbara Ramirez, Bold Beauty Project Texas Model

I’m Barbie! I am 30 years old.  When I was fourteen, I was in a car accident resulting in a complete spinal cord injury at T4/T3 level.  My life changed in a matter of seconds.  Doctors said I would never walk again.  My love of sports and dreams of becoming a professional soccer player vanished.  They were replaced by physical and emotional pain and years of healing.… Read More Our Stories: Barbara Ramirez

Our Stories: Sarah Leigh Davis

Sarah Davis, model for the Bold Beauty Project Texas. Photographer: George Krause

Sarah Leigh Davis (Multiple Disabilities) is a 28-year-old artist who is able to capture beauty from within and bring it to life through her drawings and paintings.  When she was two-years-old, Sarah and her family were in a propane explosion.  Sarah had been thrown, knocked unconscious, and buried in the debris.  It took firefighters two hours to find her, and, as a result of the accident, Sarah suffers from organic brain damage.  She also received burns to her face, hands, legs, feet, and suffered a severely broken leg.  Over the years, Sarah has had 16 surgeries, but has always maintained a positive attitude.
Read More Our Stories: Sarah Leigh Davis