Favor for the Texas Bold Beauty Project

The Texas Bold Beauty Project is the latest installation of a visual arts exhibition which began in Miami, Florida, in 2006. That original exhibition focused on several incredible women affected by various disabilities and health challenges. It defied stereotypical concepts of “beautiful” and required the public to admire the true beauty found in each model as seen through the lenses of professional photographers. Shelly Baer, one of the creators of that first project, may have stated it best when talking about the stares she received due to her lifelong struggle with aggressive rheumatoid arthritis. As one of the models herself, Baer invited visitors to the exhibition to “stare at me again. Stare at me from a place of beauty. Stare at me from a place of arts.”

This year, artists and volunteers began shaping the Texas Bold Beauty Project in Wimberley, Texas. The small and scenic Hill Country town had recently been recognized by the Texas Commission On the Arts as a Texas Cultural District. Under sponsorship of the Wimberley Valley Art League, this group began recruiting models, arranging photo shoots, and pursuing exhibition venues. Locations have already been slated, including an opening exhibit and reception at Messina Inn in Wimberley and another at The People’s Gallery in Austin’s City Hall. Invitations to the Governor’s Office and several supportive commissions have been extended. Cecilia Abbott, the First Lady of Texas, committed to attend one of the project’s receptions. Work continues to expand exhibitions across the state, and notice will be posted at this site as they are confirmed. You will not want to miss this important presentation and join in this celebration of bold and beautiful women!

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