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Our Stories: Deb Lewin

Deb Lewin, Model for Bold Beauty Project Texas

“Born and raised in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, I also lived in Israel and South Africa, representing two countries in field hockey and squash. Political changes in Africa left me without a country. After ten stressful years, I became an American citizen, working as a videographer, paramedic, ropes challenge course instructor and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. “In 1996, my car was broadsided by another vehicle. I call this ‘My Opportunity!’ I sustained a traumatic brain injury, resulting in left side paralysis, impaired vision/hearing, spinal fusions, nerve surgeries, chronic pain, and was confined to a wheelchair! I was only 36 when it was recommended that I be placed in a nursing home – my family refused! They knew I carried Africa’s iconic ‘Tree of Life’ in my heart – the baobab tree. My greatest challenge became my greatest opportunity after I started riding horses at Equest. I got back my life and competed internationally on the USA Para-Equestrian Team. My story is the subject of my recently published book, One Brain Injury Will Change Your Mind! “I share my story so others will realize that my wheelchair and disability do not define me. I make a stand by being seated. Self acceptance is a major part of projecting our inner beauty and makes a bold statement. I wanted to be photographed on a road, with a baobab tree, as it is about this amazing journey I am creating and experiencing as an alternatively-abled woman.”


Pam Showalter, photographer

Gale Wiley, videographer

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