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Our Stories: Sarah Leigh Davis

 Sarah Davis is a 28-year-old artist who is able to capture beauty from within and bring it to life through her drawings and paintings.  When she was two-years-old, Sarah and her family were in a propane explosion.  Sarah had been thrown, knocked unconscious, and buried in the debris.  It took firefighters two hours to find her, and, as a result of the accident, Sarah suffers from organic brain damage.  She also received burns to her face, hands, legs, feet, and suffered a severely broken leg.  Over the years, Sarah has had 16 surgeries, but has always maintained a positive attitude.

      Sarah loves horses and attends a therapeutic horse-riding program weekly.  She has ridden horses since she was 5 years old and enjoys drawing and painting horses as well. Sarah has been inspired by art her entire life and has a strong passion for what she creates. She stated, “When people see my art, I want them to love it, for them to be happy and amazed by it, and for them to always enjoy it with a kind and loving heart.” Sarah says that the world around her makes her feel beautiful and that being a part of the Bold Beauty Project is such a wonderful opportunity for her to share her love and beauty with others.

Sarah Davis, model for the Bold Beauty Project Texas
Sarah Davis, model for the Bold Beauty Project Texas. Photographer: George Krause

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